The ultimate wellness experience

Treat yourself, step into a cocoon of absolute well-being. Start with an hour of soothing facial treatment "MARINE SOFTNESS" with soft notes of rose and orange blossom, followed by our experimental body ritual "DESTINATION MALLORCA". Start with a deep scrub with an exfoliating quince balm, using hot aromatic herbal stamps to regenerate cells and restore luminosity and vitality to the skin, accompanied by a stimulating massage to regain energy and relax muscles, thanks to a refreshing lotion with Mallorcan scent.

Additional services
Sanagua Deluxe Experience

Live the ultimate experience by booking an exclusive double treatment room, with private sauna and shower, enjoy 30 minutes to add to any treatment to live a unique and wonderful moment. This getaway allows you to create experiences tailored to your needs and desires.

  • 30 minutes
    39 €